Fees and Funding

Payment of fees

We will send you an invoice for our session fees each half term.  You can pay by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.  Once your payment has been checked, we will send you a receipt.  If your child starts pre-school in the middle of a term, we will take this into account when calculating the fees.  

For your child to keep their place at pre-school, you must pay the fees.  Our fees apply even if your child is not able to attend pre-school for a short period, for example through holiday or minor illness.  

We want to make sure that our pre-school is accessible to everyone, and we are happy to discuss payment of fees on a weekly basis if necessary.  Please speak to our manager or administrator.

Three year olds

After their third birthday, all pre-school children are eligible for the government Nursery Education Grant, which provides funding for fifteen hours of pre-school education per week.  Once your child receives the Nursery Education Grant, you will only need to pay for any extra hours that your child attends pre-school.  Our current fees are £4.00 per hour. 

The Nursery Education Grant provides funding from the start of the main term after your child’s third birthday. The main terms start in January, April and September. So, for example, if your child’s third birthday was at the end of January, the Nursery Education Grant would provide funding from the beginning of the April main term.  We apply for the grant from Hampshire County Council on your behalf after your child reaches their third birthday.

Childcare Vouchers

Are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions (N.I.C.) for employees and offer National Insurance savings for employers. Childcare Vouchers have become the recognised payment method for childcare and benefit both basic and higher rate tax payers. These vouchers can be used at Sunny Dayz as payment towards fees, please speak to the manager who will be happy to help.